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Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.  Please read below for more of our story.

    Our Story

    A bit about Brian and Janice
    We are Janice & Brian Dawson, owners of St Aubins Village.  We have been married for 45 years and have 3 beautiful Children (Ben, Joel & Lauren) and 6 Grand-Children (Imogen, Beau, Amelia, Joseph, Levi, & Phoebe) Believe it or not, St Aubins isn’t our main business, we own and operate our Livestock & Property Agency (Brian Dawson Auctions Livestock & Property) which has been in operation now for 15 years, before purchasing St Aubins Village we both along with Lauren and Joel run and operated BDA, St Aubins got busier and busier so Lauren branched off to work on St Aubins more as it was becoming a full-time job in itself, Joel's wife Kristle now works in the office at BDA and also helps at St Aubins for bar service for weddings and events.  Joel works solely for BDA but also helps around St Aubins Village on wedding mornings, hedging, lifting etc along with Liam our other Auctioneer for BDA.

    Both of our offices (BDA and St Aubins) is located in the cottage next door to St Aubins Village.  We also live on site at St Aubins Village in the original living quarters which we have now completely renovated, we help with the operations of weddings & teahouse, Brian is the St Aubins lawn keeper and I (Janice) do all the gardens & make the scones for the Teahouse. 

    (I secretly am I great cook but don’t like to admit it) Lauren added that part in without Mum knowing hehe, also while I'm adding things Mum and Dad are literally behind every operation of St Aubins Village and work tirelessly around St Aubins and working behind the scenes all the time.  You will see them both on wedding days and nights and during the week around the grounds.  

    Some things you may not know about Brian and Janice:
    -Janice was a great at sport in her younger days.
    -She makes all the scones for the teahouse and is an amazing cook (but she doesn’t like to admit this) she is the main cook for the Garden Tea events we have and for the Teahouse.
    -She is a great gardener (I think St Aubins speaks for itself)
    -Secret obsession for Royal Fine China & Country Homewares
    -She broke her wrist at her first session of fitness training in the warm up and had surgery on it and had it plated and pinned (it was a short lived fitness journey)

    -Brian is an Auctioneer, Real Estate Agent & Livestock Agent
    -Was a Jockey and Bullfighter in his younger days.   
    -Was hit by a McCaffreys Bus back in 1982 and had to undergo surgery on his shoulder (still has the scar to prove it) and very lucky to be alive
    -In 2020 he was diagnosed with throat cancer and underwent 8 surgeries, multiple trips to Brisbane, stress and moments where we thought he wouldn’t be able to speak ever again.  But has been all cleared and fought it like an absolute legend.


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